Quotation Requirements

In order for DICA Electronics Ltd. to properly evaluate an assembly for a quotation, the following items are required:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Quality requirements (e.g. IPC-A-610 rev D, Class 2)
  • Assembly drawings with special instructions, waivers, solder type, flux type, etc.
  • Lot Sizes
  • Approved Vendors List (AVL) – Required for turnkey quotations
  • Test Requirements
  • Other special requirements (i.e. special packaging, conformal coating, RoHS requirements, etc.)

Manufacturing Requirements

To manufacture an assembly, the following items are required:

  • Gerber Files (a complete Gerber set, including every layer, is required for each build. If the boards are in panels, then panelized gerbers are required)
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Additional manufacturing instructions
  • Bill Of Material (BOM) – the BOM must include the following:
    • Assembly Name
    • Assembly Part Number
    • Revision
    • Item Numbers
    • Customer Part Number (including alternates)
    • Part Description
    • Quantity Required
    • Reference Designators
    • Manufacturer
    • Manufacturer’s Part Number
  • Pick and Place Files – (if there are surface mount components associated with the assembly, a placement file (pick and place file, Centroid file, X-Y coordinate file) is required, which must contain the following:
    • Component part numbers
    • Revision
    • SMT or T/H indicators
    • Reference designator
    • X & Y locations of the components
    • Rotation for each designation
    • Side of the card on which the component is placed for assemblies with surface mount components
    • DICA prefers to have pick and place files in metric (mm) units and in either Notepad or Excel formats.
  • Test Requirements (if applicable) – if DICA is requested to perform any testing, then all expectations must be presented during the quotation process (test specifications, test strategies/plans, electrical schematic, etc.) or in an ECO after an order has been placed. The customer must provide training, equipment, and expected test results for each stage of testing.

Consigned Material Requirements

Pick List

A pick list identifying the following must be supplied with the kit:

  • Assembly number
  • Revision
  • Job size
  • Components required
  • Quantity required
  • Quantity sent

Component Identification

All components must be identified in the following manner to ensure efficient kit processing:

  • Part Number – Please ensure that all parts inside ESD bags are also labeled on the reel or strip as well as the bag.
  • Quantity
  • Component description
  • Customer Purchase Order or Work Order
  • Special handling conditions (i.e. moisture sensitivity, proper sealing, shelf life, etc)

Component Packaging

All SMT components should arrive in SMT format with a minimum of 3% attrition. Components that are not supplied in the correct format can be repackaged for an additional fee.

Kitting Information

If there are any problems with the kit, the Program Manager will inform the customer and gather information on how to proceed. All components will be returned to the customer upon completion of the last shipment of the finished product. Restocking services are available upon request.

Click here to submit a request for quote. Please ensure all documentation is provided as outlined above. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.