DICA’s state of the art production facility allows us to offer a full range of electronics assembly services and to provide a complete turnkey solution, with a focus on flexibility to meet your unique needs. From quick-turn prototypes to volume production, we ensure the quality and reliability in each build we do. Our consistent investment in production capacity over time has resulted in an extremely flexible and efficient facility with three SMT lines.

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Our PCB capabilities include:

  • 0201
  • 0402
  • uBGA
  • CSP’s
  • CCGA
  • CBGA
  • MEM’s
    Mictor connectors
  • Lead-free soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • SMT – up to 15” x 16”
  • PTH – up to 18” wide
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Complete box build assembly services
  • Debug
  • Warranty/end-of-life support
DICA Manufacturing
DICA Manufacturing

DICA operates 3 state of the art SMT lines, a PTH assembly line, and a comprehensive test/mechanical assembly division.

DICA has the capability for full lead-free manufacturing and offers support services to assist our clients in their transition to RoHS compliant products. DICA uses a lead-free wave solder machine that is RoHS compliant for a full lead-free turnkey solution.

We help our customers stay ahead by:

  • Decreasing your cash conversion cycle by leveraging DSM’s Supply Chain Management capabilities
  • Optimize inventory management through Pull Systems including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Point-of-Use, Kanban, Postponement, and Two-bin.
  • Push raw materials inventory back through the supply chain to minimize costs
  • Forecast analysis allowing dedicated Purchasing Professionals to manage bonded inventory programs with Preferred Suppliers using ‘POURS’ systems
  • Bonded inventory programs provide flexibility without lead-time or cost penalties during swings in your customer demands
  • Eliminate excess transportation and handling costs through direct shipments to your end customers

Test & Inspection:

DICA’s growing team of test technicians provide a stable and well trained solution for those customers requiring the test support. Test services offered include:

  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • BGA inspection
  • BGA remove/replace rework equipment
  • Functional test
  • In-system programming
  • Data I/O and Microchip Device Programming
  • System level/final test

Industries Serviced:

  • Industrial Controls/Instrumentation – DICA works with many OEMs producing products to service Oil and Gas, Mining, and Power Metering industries.
  • Healthcare – DICA builds a vast array of RF identification and associated infrastructure products used in the Healthcare Industry.
  • Security/Surveillance – DICA is working with OEMs producing innovative security products used around the world for surveillance, perimeter protection, and personal protection.
  • Imaging – DICA works with world leaders producing Digital Cameras and processing boards for scientific applications, automated inspection in manufacturing and a variety of other consumer and industrial applications.
  • Telecommunications – DICA continues to support the telecommunications industry producing a variety of infrastructure products.